Author: Anna Brinkman

Colloquium Edward P. Lemay, Jr., University of Maryland, College Park

Impression Management as Relationship Maintenance Impression management, the process through which people attempt to control the impressions others form of them, is thought to typically occur in distant interactions and harm close relationships. In the current talk, I will present a theoretical perspective based on interdependence and communal relationships theories that challenges these views....
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Social psychology colloquium by Katherine McAuliffe, Thursday March 18, 4PM

Fairness norm enforcement in childhood Katherine McAuliffe is an assistant professor of psychology at Boston College where she directs the Cooperation Lab and co-directs the Boston College Virtue Project. Her past work has focused on how children across societies acquire and enforce norms of cooperation, with a particular focus on children’s emerging understanding of fairness. More recently she ...
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Social psychology colloquium by Fiery Cushman, Thursday March 4, 4PM

Fiery Cushman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, where he directs the Moral Psychology Research Lab. His award-winning research investigates how people learn and make decisions in social contexts, with a specific focus on moral judgments. Why, and how, did punishment evolve? What are the emotional systems that prevent us from doing harm to each other? How do humans make...
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PhD defense Mengchen Dong; Thursday, February 25th 11:45

Mengchen Dong will defend her PhD-thesis on Understanding Moral Hypocrisy on Thursday 25 February at 11:45. You can find the link to the livestream here: Abstract: Moral hypocrisy poses serious threats to the common good, nota- bly in politics, cooperation, philanthropy, and environmentalism. The present dissertation aims to add insi...
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