Colloquium by Dr. Nickola Overall on July 13: Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and Attachment Processes in Close Relationships

July 13th at 4PM in room 1KB-74 in the Transitorium.

Abstract: Emotion regulation is typically construed and assessed as an individual process, yet emotion regulation often involves one individual regulating another person’s emotions. To demonstrate the inherently interpersonal nature of emotion regulation, I will present a series of studies examining how intimate partners manage threatening interactions by regulating each other’s emotions and emotion regulation strategies. Guided by attachment theory, I will consider two forms of interpersonal emotion regulation: (1) how insecure individuals attempt to regulate the emotions of their relationship partners, and (2) how relationship partners can down-regulate the negative emotions and destructive regulation strategies of insecure individuals. These studies confirm that emotion regulation is a dyadic endeavor in close relationships and reveal the central role interpersonal emotion regulation plays inrelationship functioning.

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