Colloquium Edward P. Lemay, Jr., University of Maryland, College Park

Impression Management as Relationship Maintenance

Impression management, the process through which people attempt to control the impressions others form of them, is thought to typically occur in distant interactions and harm close relationships. In the current talk, I will present a theoretical perspective based on interdependence and communal relationships theories that challenges these views. Specifically, I posit that warm impression management – efforts to portray oneself as possessing qualities suggesting other-profitable intent, such as friendliness, helpfulness, cooperation, morality, and trustworthiness – is engendered by relationship commitment and, furthermore, explains many of the pro-relationship consequences of commitment. This perspective is supported by a series of studies using experimental, daily experience, and behavioral observation methods. Moreover, measurement issues appear to explain recent empirical support for the contrary assertion that impression management is harmful to relationship quality. Together, this research suggests that particular types of impression management are routinely involved in maintaining high quality close relationships, whereas other types may reflect or create interpersonal problems.”

The colloquium takes place online and all are welcome to attend!

    • Date: Thursday June 10, 2021
    • Time: 4 to 5 PM
    • Where: Direct link
    • Meeting ID: 996 8954 0034
    • Passcode: 984856
    • Host: Francesca Righetti