Introduction meeting new department

Because we are the new Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology, all available PhDs of the former Cognitive Psychology and Social & Organizational Psychology will have meeting to get to know each other on Thursday October 1st from 14:30- 17:00 in room 1C-29. In a 5 minute talk including questions the PhDs will introduce themselves and their work. All other members of the department that also want to meet their new colleagues are welcome to join in. From five o’clock and on drinks will be provided at the department table.

Schedule Department PhD Meeting Oct. 1st




Time Presenter
Block 1 start 14:30 Stijn Peperkoorn
Berno Bucker
Niels van Doesum
Dirk van Moorselaar
Junhui Wu
Brónagh Mccoy
Xiaoyue Tan
Yi Ding
Block 2 start 15:30 Jill Knapen
Ingmar de Vries
Ard Barends
Paul Boon
Janke Wesselius
Jessica Heeman
Catherine Molho
Block 3 start 16:30 Jan Pletzer
Katherina Alvarez
Jeroen Silvis
Zoi Manesi
Puck Imants
Tingting Ji
Mariko Visserman
Drinks start 17:00 CogPsy kitchen table