IARR Mini-Conference on “Self-Regulation and Close Relationships”: July 9-11, CASA400, Amsterdam

The IARR mini-conference will cover an umbrella of topics addressing how self-regulatory processes affect close relationships and how close relationships affect self-regulatory processes. Invited speakers are Nikola Overall (University of Auckland), Eli Finkel (Northwestern University), Guy Bodenmann (Universität Zürich), Johan Karremans (Radboud University Nijmegen), and Grainne M. Fitzsimons (Duke University). Participants and invited speakers will draw on a wide variety of topics and methods to address exciting questions relevant to the theme of the mini-conference.

In recent decades, the science of self-regulation received increasing attention from relationship researchers, leading to a host of new knowledge on this theme. Because self-regulatory processes in relationships are relevant to multiple domains of research, it received attention from researchers in different areas of research, including psychology, sociology, family studies, communication, anthropology, and neuroscience. Research on this topic combines different methodologies and includes a variety of populations (e.g., friendships, romantic relationships, parent-child relationships).

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