Leadership Lab meetings

About every two weeks we will have our Leadership Lab meetings. Guests are welcome, both to present ideas and to simply attend and listen. If you want to learn more or would like to attend, please contact Wendy de Waal-Andrews (dewaal.andrews@vu.nl).

Here are our most recent and upcoming meetings:

29.10.2018 MF-D134 at 12:00: Michal Kandrik will talk about facial appearance and hiring decisions.

12.11.2018 MF-D134 at 12:00: Jesus Apodaca Mascareno (https://www.rug.nl/staff/j.m.mascareno/), Kyriaki Fousiani, Fabiola Gerpott, Barbara Wisse and Eric Rietzschel will present work that they jointly did on the effects of ambidextrous leadership on innovation and the moderating role of need for structure.

03.12.2018 MF-D132 at 12:00: Jacek Buczny will present work on Burnout and inhibitory control.

15.10.2018 MF-A505 at 12:00: Simon Columbus will discuss the dynamics of emotions and situation perceptions in negotiations. He will present results from an initial laboratory experiment on hiring decisions in which he found that negotiators accurately infer power from unambiguous emotional reactions to outside offers. He will also present the outline of a planned large-scale real-time negotiation study in which he will manipulate structural conflict and power in dyadic negotiations to test situational effects on emotional expressions, inferences about interdependence, and negotiation outcomes

24.09.2018 MF-D132 at 12:00: Bert Bakker will present three studies in which labs in the US an Netherlands attempted to replicate a much-cited association between conservatism and threat sensitivity. This work illustrates the importance of replication studies for political psychology and social science research in general.