Leadership Lab meetings

About every two weeks we will have our Leadership Lab meetings. Guests are welcome, both to present ideas and to simply attend and listen. If you want to learn more or would like to attend, please contact the respective organizer.

Here are our most recent and upcoming meetings:


25.06.2018 FGB TR 1D-30: Michal Kandrik will present work on a new study on leadership perceptions and male patterned baldness

Previous meetings

11.06.2018 FGB TR 1D-30 :Isabel Thielman (https://www.cognition.uni-landau.de/people/isabel-thielmann-msc/ ) will talk about her work in relation to the Napoleon complex

05.06.2018 FGB TR 1D-30: Kevin Kniffin (https://dyson.cornell.edu/people/kevin-kniffin), a behavioral scientist and visiting assistant professor at Cornell University, will present his current work in our LeadershipLab Meeting.

28.05.2018 FGB TR 1B-36: Dan Asfar will present his study on the development of an implicit instrument to assess self-control.
In both scientific and applied work, researchers and practitioners mostly adopt Likert-Scales to measure personal characteristics, and relatively little attention has been paid to implicit tests — or even implicit cognition. Dan and his co-authors developed an implicit instrument based on the conditional reasoning test (CRT; James, 1998), and gathered data from an online sample. Their findings indicate that the CRT is associated with contextual performance, and demonstrates incremental validity over an explicit measure of self-control. These findings have both scientific and applied significance. Dan will discuss future directions in his talks and appreciates comments from the audience.