Martijn Meeter appointed Professor of Education

The Executive Board has appointed Martijn Meeter as Professor of Education with the field of specialization ‘Teaching and learning in designed learning environments – with particular attention to higher education’. Martijn will be scientific director of the research institute ‘LEARN!” He will also take substantive responsibility for the masters LVHO and TLHE.

Martijn Meeter currently works as associate professor at the Cognitive Psychology section at VU. He received his MSc and PhD in psychology at the University of Amsterdam. After working as a postdoc at Rutgers University, Newark, Martijn started working at the VU, supported by Veni and Vidi grants from NWO. His research deals with learning, memory and attention, and uses techniques like behavioral measurements, computational modeling and EEG. Martijn has also done clinical and applied research and qualitative research in Sierra Leone. In 2010 he was Lecturer of the Year of FPP and the year after he was runner-up for university title. Using his extensive experience and skills in conducting scientific research on learning, memory and attention processes, Martijn is going to look into the effects of educational interventions and aims to provide a firm empirical basis for Educational Sciences.

Domincus Kamsma, Director of the University Centre for Behavior and Movement: “With the appointment of Martijn we won an outstanding scientist with convincing qualities in education and research. The education he provides will be greatly appreciated.”