Opening symposium of the Institute for Brain and Behavior (iBBA) on May 23rd. Please register if you plan to attend!

On May 23rd, the newly formed Institute for Brain and Behavior (iBBA) will hold its opening symposium in the auditorium of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The symposium will be chaired by prof. dr. Erik Scherder and promises an impressive line-up of speakers. The full program can be found below.

Time Speaker Topic
9.30 welcome (coffee)  
9.50-10.00 prof.dr. Vinod Subramaniam Opening by the rector of the VU
10.00-10.25 prof.dr. Victor Lamme Why solving consciousness should not be left to psychologists
10.25-10.50 prof.dr. Lydia Krabbendam Development of trust and paranoia
10.50-11.15 prof.dr. Eveline Crone Risks and opportunities of adolescent brain development
11.15-11.40 BREAK  
11.40-12.05 prof.dr. Jeroen Smeets The illusion of a coherent world
12.05-12.30 prof.dr. Pieter Medendorp Cognition in motion
12.30 BREAK  
13.25-13.50 prof.dr. Alan Sanfey Fairness, trust and reciprocity: Insights from Decision Neuroscience
13.50-14.15 prof.dr. Mark van Vugt The promise of evolutionary psychology for neuroscience
14.15-14.40 prof.dr. Serge Dumoulin Visual neuroscience at ultra-high field MRI
14.40-15.15 BREAK  
15.15-15.40 prof.dr. Chris Olivers Memory-attention interactions
15.40-16.05 dr. Heleen Slagter From sensory processing to conscious perception
16.05-16.15 prof.dr. Jan Theeuwes Goodbye by the Director of IBBA
 16.15-17.00 DRINKS

People who are interested in attending can register here.

Keep in mind that the registration deadline is May 1st and there is a first come first serve policy, as the space in the auditorium is limited