PhD defense Mengchen Dong; Thursday, February 25th 11:45

Mengchen Dong will defend her PhD-thesis on Understanding Moral Hypocrisy on Thursday 25 February at 11:45.
You can find the link to the livestream here:


Moral hypocrisy poses serious threats to the common good, nota- bly in politics, cooperation, philanthropy, and environmentalism. The present dissertation aims to add insights into why people enact moral hypocrisy and how social others react to moral hypocrites. Four tenta- tive conclusions can be drawn from our empirical findings: (1) motives to self-enhance and feelings of moral superiority account for moral hy- pocrisy by prompting public but not private moral behavior; (2) high competence incurs harsher condemnations for word-deed inconsistency; (3) when high status builds on competence, third-party sanctions can be an effective mechanism to counteract status holders’ calculated incon- sistencies; and (4) third-party evaluations of word-deed inconsistency differ depending on their cultural interdependence.
Moral hypocrisy is a product of both impression management and self-enhancement, and can be appraised differently both depending on who enacts it and who evaluates it. As an initial attempt to address this important but understudied topic, our work is expected to stimulate fu- ture studies on mechanisms of moral hypocrisy and intervention pro- grams of moral integrity.