Research | Social & Organizational Psychology

Our main research themes are trust, leadership, and cooperation, which are pillars of human sociality. We examine the evolutionary, social, and organizational processes as well as individual differences that shape trust, leadership, and cooperation and apply these insights to improve the welfare of individuals, relationships, groups, and organizations. To do so, we use a combination of experimental and field research and a range of innovating methodologies including dynamic interaction analysis, hormonal measures, behavioral experiments, and neuroscience methods. Among other topics, we are currently studying:

Fairness, politics, and conspiracies

Acts of fairness shape a range of cooperative behaviors, including compliance, effort on behalf of the group, (un)ethical behavior, and ...
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Social dilemmas and human cooperation

Social dilemmas are everywhere in society. To resolve them, humans need to cooperate for the benefit of the group or ...
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Trust in relationships and societies

Trust is the social glue that holds relationships and societies together. We examine the biological and cultural aspects of trust ...
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Research meetings

Our research meetings take place about once a month and function as a discussion platform. Guests are welcome, both to ...
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