Research master in Social Psychology: the Regulation of Social Behaviour

The two-year Research Master’s in social psychology is a unique teaching programme in the Netherlands and Europe that offers a specialization in Social Psychology. The teaching programme offers a solid theoretical and methodological basis, and offers in-depth knowledge through a multidisciplinary and integrative approach.

This Research Master’s programme takes a multidisciplinary approach to fundamental social psychological processes. The underlying idea is that new insights can be obtained by incorporating biological, cognitive and evolutionary perspectives in the study of social psychological phenomena. These might include interpersonal relations, communication, cooperative behaviour and emotions. Social psychology is therefore an important factor in countless situations and settings.

In this programme you learn the essential skills needed to conduct innovative research of the highest quality. It also provides an excellent opportunity for in-depth exploration of the central theories in social psychology and its related disciplines, and ways of bridging the gap between them. There is a substantial focus on research and presentation skills throughout the programme.

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