Research | Organizational Psychology

The research activities of the Organizational Psychology group are bundled together in the Amsterdam Leadership Lab. The Amsterdam Leadership Lab is part of the institute for Brain and Behavior Amsterdam (iBBA). If you want to find out more about the research activities of the Amsterdam Leadership Lab, please contact the Head of Section, professor Mark van Vugt ( or visit our website.

Applied Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary psychology aims to understand and describe the human mind and behavior in the light of the (biological and cultural) ...
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Meetings Amsterdam Leadership Lab

As from 23 April we are having weekly virtual Amsterdam Leadership Lab meetings via Zoom. Guests are welcome, both to ...
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Organizational Neuroscience

Organizational neuroscience is an emerging field in management and organizational psychology that studies the role of the brain in workplace ...
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Team and Boardroom Dynamics

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" – Ideally this statement is true when we work in ...
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Personality at Work

During selection procedures, obtaining reliable and valid estimates of the extent to which applicants are honest, emotional, extravert, agreeable, conscientious, ...
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Leadership in organizations

Effective leadership depends on the social dynamics between leaders and followers. We study questions such as the evolution of leadership ...
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