Research Assistant

Constantina Archeou

Research Assistant



I am working on my Master’s thesis under the supervision of Dr. Anouk Van Loon and Prof. Dr. Chris Olivers, investigating the effect of different working memory items during visual exploration.


My name is Constantina Archeou and I was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus. In 2010 I have completed a bachelor degree in Sociology (Bsc). During my studies I developed a passion for research on human behavior and cognition, leading me to pursue also a degree in Psychology (Bsc). Currently, I am a Master’s student at the VU University Amsterdam in the field of Cognitive Neuropsychology. During the second year of my studies at the VU, I started working as a research assistant in the department of Cognitive Psychology. My major responsibility is running the eye tracking experiments.

Research Interests

Modern theories of attention propose that visual attention is driven by internal representations maintained in working memory. For example, searching for our lost key in the room implies a mental representation of our key in visual working memory. However you know that after you have found your key you need to search for your bike. For my Master’s thesis I am investigating how these distinct mental representations interact during visual exploration, via EEG recordings. In addition to my thesis project, I am also involved in a second project under the supervision of Dr. Johannes Fahrenfort. In this study we are investigating the relationship between predictive coding and attention through decoding and time frequency analysis on EEG.

My current research interests are in perception and attention broadly. However, I was always fascinated by research examining mechanisms that allow the visual system to attend to and maintain information related to the visual environment. I find it compelling how our brain is able to use information from multiple processing systems in order to form percepts, and how it uses them to make decisions, especially in the visual domain.