PhD student

Daan van Es

PhD student

Phone: +31 (0) 20 598 2946
Room: 1B-75


I'm investigating how visual and motor space are represented within the brain by applying receptive field mapping analysis to fMRI data, together with dr. Tomas Knapen and promotor prof. dr. Jan Theeuwes.


After my Bachelor's degree in Psychology - Brain and Cognition at the University of Amsterdam, I decided that I wanted to further scrutinize my interest for the brain and the mind. The research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences (track Cognitive Neuroscience) at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (UvA) offered a perfect opportunity to achieve that goal. During this program, I started to develop my cognitive neuroscientist toolkit by learning how to design and program experiments, how to collect and analyze human electrophysiological data in Matlab, and made my first contact with analyzing fMRI data. By starting my PhD position here at the Cognitive Psychology department, I've now entered the world of computational neuroimaging where I'm learning to apply mathematical forward modeling in order to try and better understand how the brain represents external space.

Research interests

I'm currently working together with Jan Theeuwes and Tomas Knapen on an ORA project termed 'COMLOC'. This project is aimed at find out whether the brain implements one common spatial framework to which different sources of spatial information converge. Currently, we're developing population receptive field mapping analysis of fMRI data that will allow us to investigate the internal 'neural' representation of external visual and motor space and to explore how these two interact.


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Recent publications

DM Van Es & T Knapen (2019) Implicit and explicit learning in reactive and voluntary saccade adaptation. PloS one 14 (1), e0203248
T Knapen, D van Es & M Barendregt (2018) Mapping the Dark Side: Visual Selectivity of Default Network Deactivations. bioRxiv, 292524
DM van Es, W van der Zwaag & T Knapen (2018) Retinotopic maps of visual space in the human cerebellum. bioRxiv, 455170
DM van Es, J Theeuwes & T Knapen (2018) Spatial sampling in human visual cortex is modulated by both spatial and feature-based attention. bioRxiv, 1472231
O Colizoli, JMJ Murre, HS Scholte, DM van Es, T Knapen & R Rouw (2016) Visual cortex activity predicts subjective experience after reading books with colored letters. Neuropsychologia 88, 15-274
DM van Es & THJ Knapen (2016) Attention Warps Brain Space in a Somatotopic Frame of Reference.
DM van Es & THJ Knapen (2016) Attention Improves Stimulus Encoding in Early Visual Cortex.
J van Driel, T Knapen, DM van Es & MX Cohen (2014) Interregional alpha-band synchrony supports temporal cross-modal integration. Neuroimage 101, 404-41530

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