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Dan Asfar

PhD Student

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After completing both a bachelor and a research master in Psychology at the VU Amsterdam, I started here with a Ph.D. on the psychological assessment of refugees, supervised by Janneke Oostrom, Marise Born, and Mark van Vugt. In my Ph.D. project, I focus on measures of personality and mental ability, and I aim for a better understanding of issues concerning the reliability and validity of test-scores and test-score differences of refugees. Additionally, I am developing an implicit psychological instrument that is suitable for ethnic minorities, to predict study-, work-, and adjustment-related outcomes.

Research interests

I am interested in cultural differences in social and organizational phenomena, with a particular interest in personality, general mental ability, and self-regulation. When do these constructs effectively predict individual outcomes, and what is the meaning and impact of potential cultural differences in test-scores? Much empirical work focusses on explicit social cognition in personnel selection, but what is the role of implicit social cognition in the prediction of social and organizational behavior? Lastly, I have an interest in the resource model of self-regulation, and I want to adopt this theoretical framework to understand (cultural differences in) social and organizational behavior and outcomes.

Other activities

Next to my passion for research, I aim to utilize social scientific insights in social settings and in organizations. As a consultant at the NOA – an organization that concentrates on psychological research and consultancy, and that financed my project – I advise and train clients in psychological assessments.


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