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Daniela Gutermann

PhD student


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Daniela Gutermann is a double PhD candidate at Jacobs University Bremen and VU Amsterdam (Social and Organizational Psychology group; PhD project supervised by Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock at VU Amsterdam and Sven Voelpel at Jacobs University Bremen). More info on Daniela's research here.

Recent publications

D Gutermann, N Lehmann-Willenbrock, D Boer, M Born & S Voelpel (2017) How leaders affect followers' work engagement and performance: Integrating leader-member exchange and crossover theory. British Journal of Management
D Gutermann, N Lehmann-Willenbrock, D Boer & MP Born (2016) Why Engaged Leaders Have Engaged Employees: A Multilevel Study of Engagement, LMX, and Performance. Academy of Management Proceedings 2016 (1), 14896
D Gutermann, N Lehmann-Willenbrock, SC Voelpel & M Born (2016) Unit-level Work Engagement as a Key to Organizational Performance. Academy of Management Proceedings 2016 (1), 14778
A Deinert, AC Homan, D Boer, SC Voelpel & D Gutermann (2015) Transformational leadership sub-dimensions and their link to leaders' personality and performance. The Leadership Quarterly 26 (6), 1095-1120
D Gutermann, NK Lehmann-Willenbrock, MP Born & SC Voelpel (2015) Enhancing customer satisfaction of business units: Unit-level work engagement as a key to organizational success.
B Behrens & D Gutermann (2014) Gesundheitsmanagement im demographischen Wandel - Beschäftigungsfähigkeit fördern. Innovative Verwaltung 10, 20-23

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