Research assistant

Dian van Huijstee

Research assistant

Room: MF- C569


After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the VU, I completed the applied Social Psychology Master at the same university. During this Master I realized that I not only wanted to apply the theories about phenomena that I have learned, but that I also wanted to investigate these phenomena myself. As a result, I started the Research Master in Social Psychology. My thesis focuses on the effects of optimistic and pessimistic worldviews on irrational beliefs, hereby concentrating on paranormal belief and belief in conspiracy theories. During my Research Master, I worked as a lab assistant for the Social and Organizational Psychology departments.


Currently, I am working on a project that focuses on the relationship between olfaction and disgust, in collaboration with Dr. Joshua Tybur. In addition, I work as a lab- and research assistant and teacher for the Social Psychology department.

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Crime
  • Dishonest behavior and deception detection
  • Mating strategies

Recent publications

D van Huijstee & R Ronay (2019) "Make the World a Better Place": Local Leadership as a Vehicle for Personal and Community Development. The Cambridge Handbook of Organizational Community Engagement and Outreach …
KJ Jonas, J Cesario, M Alger, AH Bailey, D Bombari, D Carney & ... (2017) Power poses–where do we stand?. Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology 2 (1), 139-141
R Ronay, JM Tybur, D van Huijstee & M Morssinkhof (2017) Embodied power, testosterone, and overconfidence as a causal pathway to risk-taking. Comprehensive results in social psychology 2 (1), 28-43

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