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Floor de Groot

PhD student

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I am working on a NWO project entitled ‘Looking, language, and memory: Testing a working memory model of language-attention interactions’ with professor Christian. N. L. Olivers (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam), and Falk Huettig (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen).


I received my bachelor degree in psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). After finishing my bachelors, I also completed the Research Master Psychology at the UvA with Developmental Psychology as my major and Brain and Cognition as my minor. During my masters I was involved in two research projects. My first project, under supervision of Hilde Huizenga, Mariette Huizinga and Hilde Geurts, focused on the effects of resource depletion on children with poor and good cognitive control. I did my second research project at the University of Oxford under supervision of Nadja Althaus, Kim Plunkett, and Maartje Raijmakers. In this project we explored the limits of a computational model (SOM) that was designed to explain the interaction of categorization and labeling in infants. Currently at the Vrije Universiteit, I am using eye-tracking to investigate the interaction of language and vision.

Research interests

In daily life we receive information from different sensory systems: we see, smell, and hear our environment. We do not think about it often, but it is quite amazing that our brain is able to combine information from these different modalities. In my project I examine the interaction of language and vision. I am particularly interested in when, and at which level, language and vision meet. Can this for example be altered by changing the order of stimulus presentation, the task or the working memory load?


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Recent publications

F de Groot, F Huettig & CNL Olivers (2016) Revisiting the looking at nothing phenomenon: Visual and semantic biases in memory search. Visual Cognition, 1-202
F De Groot, F Huettig & CNL Olivers (2016) When meaning matters: The temporal dynamics of semantic influences on visual attention.. Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance 42 (2), 18058
F De Groot, T Koelewijn, F Huettig & CNL Olivers (2016) A stimulus set of words and pictures matched for visual and semantic similarity. Journal of Cognitive Psychology 28 (1), 1-1510
F De Groot, F Huettig & CNL Olivers (2012) Attentional capture by working memory content: When do words guide attention?. the 3rd Symposium on “Visual Search and Selective Attention”(VSSA III)

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