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I’m working on a Dutch-Chinese NWO/CAS grant on the neural substrates of top-down and bottom-up processes during binocular rivalry, together with Tomas Knapen. We use laminar-resolved functional MRI 7 Tesla, to dissociate between these bottom-up and top-down processes.


In 2012 I obtained a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. From 2012 to 2017 I worked a s PhD-student in the lab of Birte Forstmann, investigating the role of the subthalamic nucleus during decision-making and the internal functional anatomy of this (very small) nucleus. To do so, we used computational cognitive models and ultra-high field MRI (7 Tesla), as well as post-mortem histology. I also did a study on the influence of brain stimulation (tDCS) on speeded decision-making, in collaboration with professor Rich Ivry at the University of California, Berkeley and worked with professor Scott Brown at the University of Newcastle, Australia on a theoretical paper on different approaches in model-based neuroscience.

Research interest

I am interested in understanding how people make decisions in day-to-day life. To do so, I think it is essential to use formal models that can steer and restrain our intuitions. I also think functional MRI offers a fantastic tool to further substantiate these models. I am very excited about the novel opportunities that MRI at ultra-high fields offers us in terms of increase spatial-resolution and signal-to-noise ratios.

Recent publications

Y Salzer, G de Hollander, L van Maanen & BU Forstmann (2018) A neural substrate of early response capture during conflict tasks in sensory areas. Neuropsychologia
MWA Caan, PL Bazin, JP Marques, G de Hollander, S Dumoulin & ... (2018) MP2RAGEME: T1, T2*, and QSM mapping in one sequence at 7 tesla. Human Brain Mapping
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G de Hollander, EJ Wagenmakers, L Waldorp & B Forstmann (2014) An antidote to the imager's fallacy, or how to identify brain areas that are.
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