PhD student

Jan Luca Pletzer

PhD student

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My name is Jan Luca Pletzer and I am a Double PhD candidate at the the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. My PhD research, which I conduct under the supervision of Sven Voelpel, Paul van Lange, and Janneke Oostrom, focuses on predicting proneness to deviant workplace behaviors in selection settings. I am also interested in explaining and predicting cooperation in social dilemmas, for which I collaborate with Daniel Balliet.

Other research interests

  • Gender Differences in Workplace Behaviors
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Overcoming Demographical Challenges


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Recent publications

Pletzer, J. L., Nikolova, R., Kedzior, K. K., & Voelpel, S. C. (2015). Does Gender Matter? Female Representation on Corporate Boards and Firm Financial Performance-A Meta-Analysis. PloS one, 10(6).

Pletzer, J. L., Sanchez, X., & Scheibe, S. (2015). Practicing Psychotherapists Are More Skilled at Downregulating Negative Emotions Than Other Professionals. Psychotherapy, 52, 346-350.

News Reports

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