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Janne Ettwig

PhD Student

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I’m working on attention in visual a dual task setting in a PhD project that’s split between the VU and TNO Soesterberg. My supervisor is prof. Dr. Bronkhorst.


My name is Janne Ettwig and I was born in Duisburg, Germany. When I was 16 I moved to the Netherlands to complete my VWO and went on to study Biomedical Sciences in Utrecht for about 1.5 years. I thoroughly enjoyed the biological part of the study but found out that my passion is not in labwork per se and switched studies after 3 month of travel. I started studying Psychology and finished my master in Cognitive Psychology with an internship at TNO working on two projects. Firstly I looked at the benefit of the iCat, a little robot cat that expresses rudimentary emotions, on the willingness of elderly to engage in physical activities. I did this under the supervision of Mark Neerincx. On my second project I worked together with Annemarie Kaldewaij on the influence of fear sweat on risk taking in a card gabling task. This project was lovingly supervised by Lex Toet of TNO and Monique Smeets of the UU.

I am currently working on my PhD, which looks into the role of attention in dual task performance, when looking at different task combinations, which I’m looking to finish in 2015. In his functions at TNO and the VU of Amsterdam Prof. Dr. Adelbert Bronkhorst has been my supervisor and connection between my working places.

Research interests

I’m very much interested in shaping technology in a way that it serves the user. In this capacity I’m currently looking at which form (color, motion, orientation) different streams of information can take with or without interfering with each other.

In a second line in the same direction I’m currently setting up, I’m looking at the combination of a sustained attention task with a second detection task. I’m interested in how attention switches from a central task to a secondary stream of information and then refocuses on the central task again.



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Recent publications

JF Ettwig & AW Bronkhorst (2015) Attentional switches and dual-task interference.. PloS one 10 (3), e0118216
JF Ettwig & AW Bronkhorst (2013) Attentional requirements on feature search are modulated by stimulus properties.

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