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Selection of recent large research projects:

2015-2019 “Green Healthy Hospitals: in collaboration with Prof. dr. Agnes van den Berg (RUG, Funded by Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen.

2013-2017 “How Children can benefit from learning and playing at green playgrounds”, in collaboration with Dr. Dieuwke Hovinga (University of Applied Sciences Leiden) en Prof. Dr. Agnes van den Berg (RUG, PhD student: Janke Wesselius. Funded by SIA.

2012-2015 "Positive health effects of natural outdoor environment in typical populations in different regions in Europe (PHENOTYPE: . PhD student: Magdalena van den Berg. Funded by European Commission, 7th Framework.


Jolanda Maas is a behavioural scientist who specializes in research on health benefits of nature. Her scientific articles on this topic belong to the most cited articles from this quickly growing field of research, both nationally and internationally. Dr. Maas is an experienced speaker and regularly presents her work to various national and international audiences. She currently supervises two PhD students, several bachelor and master students and is a lecturer in the master course Applied Social Psychology. Dr. Maas is also a member of several scientific committees and advisory boards. She holds a Master's degree in Sociology and a PhD (2008) in Social Sciences from Utrecht University.

Research interests

  • health benefits of nature
  • children and nature
  • evidence-based design of healing environments
  • healthy cities
  • physical activity friendly neighbourhoods
  • restorative environments


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Green space and health

Green schoolyards


Recent publications

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