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Kim White

PhD student

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My PhD-project is on annoyance by aircraft noise. The main focus of the project is to identify some acoustical but mainly non-acoustical factors that contribute to noise annoyance. It is a joint project with the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in Amsterdam. At the VU Martijn Meeter and Adebert Bronkhorst are involved in this project. Michael Arntzen at the NLR is the engineer that is involved in the virtual reality studies of this project.


I studied Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA, MSc) and violin at the conservatory of Hogeschool INHOLLAND (BA). When starting my master’s thesis, I wanted to work on an auditory project. I graduated on a study which looked at noise sensitivity, supervised by Winni Hofman (UvA) and Irene van Kamp (RIVM). After my graduation, I worked as a teacher at the UvA for 3 years in subjects like statistics, academic writing and SPSS. In 2011 is started working on my PhD-project, which is due to be finished at the end of 2016.

Research interest

Some people live close to the airport and don’t ever get bothered by the noise of the overflying aircraft. Their neighbours however, may be complaining about aircraft several times a day. The aim of this project is to come closer to some answers about why these differences exist between people. Within this scope, I am working on a few research lines: Identifiability, Arousal and Landing procedures. In the identifiabilty line, I am trying to find out to what extent the annoyance by a sound is influenced by the recognisabilty of its source. Another line focusses on the direct effects of noise on the arousal of the nervous system. In the third line, the focus is on the annoyance caused by different types of landing procedures (CDAs vs. regular procedures).


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Recent publications

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K White, M Arntzen, A Bronkhorst & M Meeter (2014) Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) compared to Regular Descent Procedures: Less Annoying?. Internoise1
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