PhD Student

Lisette Schmidt

PhD Student

Phone: +31 (0) 20 598 1830
Room: 1B-75


PhD-project 'The effects of emotion on attention' together with Dr. Artem Belopolsky and Prof. Jan Theeuwes


My name is Lisette Schmidt and I am currently working as a PhD student under supervision of Dr. Artem Belopolsky. I studied Psychobiology (BSc) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), including an internship at the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience (NIN) where I investigated monocular capture of exogenous attention. Afterwards I graduated from the Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology (MSc) at the VU University Amsterdam. During my master I worked as a research assistent in the eye tracking labs of the VU. For my master's thesis I spent six months at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Under supervision of Dr. Andreas Olsson, I investigated the effects of social in-groups and out-groups on fear conditioning and fear extinction.

Research interest

It is highly relevant for human beings to select potential sources of danger and threat from a constantly changing and rich environment. Quick detection and processing of threat seems to play a significant role in the chances of survival. My research interest is how emotionally relevant stimuli interact with our attentional system. Using fear conditioning, manual reaction times and eye tracking, I investigate automatic orienting of attention to threatening events.


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Recent publications

LJ Schmidt, AV Belopolsky & J Theeuwes (2017) The time course of attentional bias to cues of threat and safety. Cognition and emotion 31 (5), 845-8575
LJ Schmidt (2015) Attentional modulation by signals of threat. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit
LJ Schmidt, AV Belopolsky & J Theeuwes (2015) Potential threat attracts attention and interferes with voluntary saccades.. Emotion 15 (3), 32918
LJ Schmidt, AV Belopolsky & J Theeuwes (2015) Attentional capture by signals of threat. Cognition and emotion 29 (4), 687-69451
J Theeuwes, LJ Schmidt & AV Belopolsky (2014) Attentional capture by signals of threat. Journal of Vision 14 (10), 321-3211
LJ Schmidt, AV Belopolsky & J Theeuwes (2012) The presence of threat affects saccade trajectories. Visual Cognition 20 (3), 284-29923
LJ Schmidt, AV Belopolsky & J Theeuwes (2011) Threat catches the eyes: evidence from saccadic curvature.

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