PhD student

Mengchen (Maggie) Dong

PhD student

Phone: +31 20 59 88715
Room: MF-C-580

Research interests

  • Morality and moral hypocrisy
  • Social cognition and social judgment
  • Prosociality and prosocial behaviour
  • Religion and spirituality


My PhD project is titled “Moral hypocrisy: behaviour and perception”. Under the supervision of Dr. Jan-Willem van Prooijen and Prof. Dr. Paul A.M. van Lange, our research mainly focuses on the cognitive and motivational factors that influence people’s moral hypocritical behaviour and people’s perception of moral hypocrisy. This PhD project is financially supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


  • 2016 to present: PhD student in Social Psychology, VU University Amsterdam
  • 2013 to 2016: M.Ed in Social Psychology, Beijing Normal University, China
  • 2009 to 2013: B.S. in Psychology, South China Normal University, China


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Recent publications

M Dong, JW Van Prooijen, S Wu, Y Zhang & S Jin (2019) Prosocial Attitudes toward Money from Terror Management Perspective: Death Transcendence through Spirituality. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion 29 (1), 1-17
PAM Van Lange, Z Manesi, RWJ Meershoek, M Yuan, M Dong & ... (2018) Do male and female soccer players differ in helping? A study on prosocial behavior among young players. PloS one 13 (12), e0209168
M Dong, S Wu, Y Zhu, S Jin & Y Zhang (2017) Secular Examination of Spirituality-Prosociality Association. Archive for the Psychology of Religion 39 (1), 61-81
M DONG, S WU, Y ZHU, Y GUO & S JIN (2015) Religion and prosocial behavior. Advances in Psychological Science (Chinese) 23 (6), 1095-1108
杨慧芳, 郑希付 & 俄小天董梦晨 (2015) 负性情绪对不同视野条件下工作记忆的影响. 现代生物医学进展 15 (23), 4569
金盛华, 董梦晨 & 吴嵩朱一杰 (2015) 青少年社会支持对网络社交偏好的影响: 自我概念的中介作用. 心理学探新 35 (4), 367-371
董梦晨, 吴嵩, 朱一杰 & 郭亚飞金盛华 (2015) 宗教信仰对亲社会行为的影响. 心理科学进展 23 (6), 1095–1108
杨慧芳, 党晓姣, 黄珊珊, 窦伟伟 & 董梦晨郑希付 (2013) 创伤个体注意控制、焦虑及情绪对闯入记忆的影响. 心理科学 36 (1), 224-228
H Yang, M Dong, S Chen & X Zheng (2012) The effect of early attention allocation on location-based attention toward a later threat: An ERP study. Neuroscience letters 523 (1), 62-66

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