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Simon Columbus

PhD student

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I studied psychology, economics, and biology at Amsterdam University College (BA Social Sciences, 2013) and methodology and statistics and organisational psychology at the University of Amsterdam (MSc Psychology, 2016), with short stints at Harvard (2011) and McGill (2012). Before that, I worked as a journalist in Berlin. From 2014 to 2016, I was core tutor at PPLE College, University of Amsterdam.

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PhD project

I joined the Amsterdam Cooperation Lab in 2016 to work on a PhD on interdependence and cooperation, under Daniel Balliet. My work will focuses on a) "the games people play" in their daily lives, b) the mechanisms by which people infer outcome interdependence from cues in their social environment, and c) how this subjectively experienced interdependence shapes cooperative behavior.


I use a variety of methods to study situation perception and human cooperation, including economic games, experience sampling, and meta-analysis. Beyond that, my interests lie in applied statistics and philosophy of science. In particular, I am a strong proponent of open science and interested in projects that further replication, pre-registration, and better theorising in the behavioural sciences. In this spirit, I also serve as the Center for Open Science representative for the department.


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Recent publications

FH Gerpott, D Balliet, S Columbus, C Molho & RE de Vries (2018) How Do People Think About Interdependence? A Multidimensional Model of Subjective Outcome Interdependence.. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 115 (4), 716-74220
S Columbus, F Gerpott & J Münich (2017) Playing a Different Game: Perceived Interdependence as a Mechanism Underlying Framing Effects on Cooperation in Social Dilemmas. PsyArXiv
CKW De Dreu, J Gross, Z Méder, M Giffin, E Prochazkova, J Krikeb & ... (2016) In-group defense, out-group aggression, and coordination failures in intergroup conflict. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (38), 10524-1052925
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