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Tomas Knapen

Assistant professor

Phone: +31 (0) 20 598 99 74
Room: 1B-57

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I am working on an NWO ORA project investigating the multimodal spatial representation of attentional targets in the human brain using fMRI. Furthermore, I am involved in many of the ongoing ERC projects investigating reward and its impacts on attention and visual processing. The methods I use range from behaviour and psychophysics, to eye movement and pupil size recordings, EEG/MEG and fMRI. In terms of data analysis, I prefer to use fully open-source and documented methods (implemented in python) for the implementation of FIR and encoding model estimation.


After studying biology (theoretical / neurobiology) at the University of Amsterdam, I did a PhD at the physics of man department at Utrecht University on the topic of bistable perception. During and after my PhD I did psychophysics and fMRI projects at CalTech and Vanderbilt, in the Shimojo and Blake labs. My first postdoc was in Paris, France under the guidance of Patrick Cavanagh, during which I also conducted an fMRI experiment, again at Vanderbilt - but now at the Tong lab. After this postdoc I received an NWO VENI grant, which I used to investigate eye movement processes in the brain using fMRI, at the University of Amsterdam. At the end of this grant period, I left for a faculty position at the Cog Psy department at the VU University.

Research interests

I am interested in how the brain performs computations that allow it to perceive and act, and how these computations are learned. Specific topics of interest are 1. reward processing and neural plasticity in the visual system, 2. brain mechanism underlying attention and eye movements, leading into 3. the mechanisms of motor and perceptual learning. 4. I am also still very much involved in the investigation of bistable perception and its neural correlates.


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Recent publications

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