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Xiaoyue Tan

PhD student

Phone: +31 (0) 20 598 82208
Room: MF-B-555


2014-current PhD study on ‘The Psychology of Loss Management’; supervised by Prof. Dr. Paul van Lange and Dr. Jan-Willem van Prooijen, founded by the Chinese Scholarship Council.


I am a PhD student  in Social and Organizational Psychology at VU University Amsterdam. Before joining VU University Amsterdam in 2014, I finished a Master degree at School of Psychology of Beijing Normal University in China in 2011 and a Master degree at Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Science by a ‘Orange Tulip Scholarship’ from Neso China in 2012. I have also done several studies with Dr. Travis Proulx  and Dr. Prof. Ilja van Beest at Tilburg University (supported by a VENI grant awarded to Dr. Proulx) before moving to VU University Amsterdam. With a focus on loss management, I try to integrate different perspectives in the psychology of loss aversion, loss digestion and loss compensation by investigating people’s perceptual, emotional, and behavioral responses to gains and losses.

Research interests

Losses happen frequently in our lives, and can cause many negative psychological effects on us. Sometimes such effects may lead to chronic psychological and health problems, and severely deteriorate people’s well-being. It is therefore important to investigate how people react toward losses, and to examine the factors that facilitate people’s ability to cope with loss. In the current PhD project, I have developed several experimental paradigms that are designed to investigate people’s responses and behaviors following a gain or loss experience, including irrational decision making and superstitious behaviors (such as performing rituals). In the project, I investigate people’s loss experiences both in the lab and in the context of people’s real everyday life.

Besides my PhD project, and in line with previous studies that were done in Beijing Normal University, I am also interested in research on human resource management in school administration.



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Recent publications

X Tan, JW Van Prooijen, T Proulx, H Wu, I Van Beest & PAM Van Lange (2017) Reacting to unexpected losses in an uncertain world: High approach individuals become even more risk-seeking. Personality and Individual Differences 109, 117-123
X Tan & P Van Lange (2016) The Effects of Performing Rituals on Perceived Future Benefits Following Negative Outcomes versus Non-negative Outcomes. International Journal of Psychology 51, 970
X Tan, JWV Prooijen & PAMV Lange (2016) The Sense of Nonsense: Benefits of Superstitious Rituals in Response to Adversity. SPSP2016
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