Annual iBBA Meeting – Organizational Neuroscience, Friday May 24th

Institute for Brain and Behavior Amsterdam organizes its annual symposium on “Organizational Neuroscience” on 24 May 2019, Auditorium, Vrije Universiteit.

Organizational neuroscience is an emerging field in management and organizational behavior that studies the role of brain and cognition in workplace behavior. The aim of this annual IBBA-symposium is to investigate how neuroscience and its methodological toolkit (from brain imaging to hormonal studies and AI) can advance theory and research organizational behavior in practice. The symposium is amongst others organized to bring academia and business closer together, strengthen existing relationships and build new ones. Key note presentations focus on the neural mechanisms involved in leadership, mindset and motivation, and the neurophysiology of work stress. Furthermore, the role of AI and big data in measuring personality and personnel selection (i.e. recruitment) will be one of the main themes. Finally, the symposium aims to raise ethical, meta-theoretical and pragmatic challenges regarding the role of neuroscience in studying and improving modern work practices.

Please click this link to see the full program and register for the meeting.