Colloquium by Andreas Glöckner, Thursday November 15, 16.00, HG 9A16

Colloquium Talk by Andreas Glöckner

Date: Thursday November 15, 16:00-17:00, room HG 9A16
Speaker: Andreas Glöckner University of Göttingen.

Title: The development of a unified theory of trust game behavior

The factors influencing to which degree people trust others have been intensely investigated in psychological and economic research. Research in psychology focused on the effect of social norms and beliefs, economic research demonstrated among other things the influence of social preferences and risk preferences. Other work investigated the influence of person factors such as intelligence, cognitive reflection, and HEXACO personality. In a comprehensive, fully incentivized study we investigated the relative influence and the independent contribution of these factors in predicting trust game behavior. We then applied a cognitive modelling approach to develop a unified theory of trust game behavior that integrates findings from both fields based on the theory of reasoned action.