Colloquium by Prof. Evert van de Vliert, February 23, 16:00, HG-5A00

Evert van de Vliert (Professor Emeritus, University of Groningen) will give a talk on Thursday, February 23, at 4 pm in room HG-5A00. For more information on his research, please visit his website.




Climato-Economic Drivers of Social-Psychological Misery

Instead of being randomly scattered across the surface of the earth, collective suffering, we/they discrimination, and failed states increase away from the poles and toward the equator. Latitudinal gradients of aggression, collectivism, and corruption form the descriptive headline of this presentation. Ample quantitative evidence demonstrates that warmer winters and hotter summers in conjunction with lower income per head statistically account for worldwide social-psychological misery. Put more specifically, latitudinal gradients of climatic demands and wealth resources make the predictive headline of this presentation. How come? Climato-economic theorizing (Van de Vliert, 2013) traces aggression, collectivism, and corruption back to the frustration of basic needs for thermal comfort, nutritional flora and fauna, and health. The economic interaction of warm-blooded humans with the latitudinal inclination of sun radiation creates the explanatory headline of this presentation.

Van de Vliert, E. (2013).  Climato-economic habitats support patterns of human needs, stresses, and freedoms. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 36(5), 465-480, doi: 10.1017/S0140525X12002828.