Colloquium Talk by Emily Impett on May 23, 16:00, 14A-00 (main building)

Colloquium Talk by Emily Impett

Date: Wednesday May 23, 16:00-17:00, room 14A-00 (main building)

Speaker: Emily Impett University of Toronto, Mississauga.
Title: A Prosocial Perspective on Sexuality in Relationships

Satisfying sexual interactions are a crucial predictor of relationship and life satisfaction. Despite the importance of sex for relationships, couples face numerous challenges to maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship. Conflicts of interest about sex—such as differences in partners’ desired sexual frequency—are among the most difficult types of relationship conflict to resolve. How can partners keep the sexual spark alive and successfully navigate conflicting sexual interests? This talk will focus on the role of sexual communal strength (i.e., the motivation to be responsive to a partner’s sexual needs) in navigating couples’ challenges in the bedroom, and in cultivating desire and satisfaction in both partners as well as satisfying relationships. Further, this talk will also highlight the potential origins of sexual communal motivation, the relationship costs of not being responsive to a partner’s sexual needs, the importance of striking the right balance between giving and receiving in the bedroom, and the communication of sexual rejection.