Meetings Amsterdam Leadership Lab

About every two weeks we will have our Leadership Lab meetings. Guests are welcome, both to present ideas and to simply attend and listen. If you want to learn more or would like to attend, please contact Wendy de Waal-Andrews (

Here are our most recent and upcoming meetings:


02.03.2020 MF-D134 at 12:00: Alexandra (Sasha) Cook (VU Amsterdam)
Topic: Health-oriented leadership and the effects on employees with chronic illness 

16.03.2020 MF-D134 at 12:00: Xiaotian (Shirley) Sheng & Mark Van Vugt (VU Amsterdam)
Title: Sex ratios and leadership & the behavioral ecology approach to leadership 
Mark van Vugt will present the behavioral ecology approach to leadership and Xiaotian (Shirley) Sheng will talk about her PhD work on sex ratios and leadership.

30.03.2020 BV-0H21 at 12:00: Daniel Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Title: Leading the way to a better psychological science
Problematic research practices, such as publication bias where only positive results are published, have been pointed out in the scientific literature for over half a century. Recently, large scale replication projects have suggested that not all published scientific research is as reliable as we want it to be. Psychological science has been at the forefront of improving research practices, due to a traditionally strong expertise in statistics, combined with an interest in how people change behavior and respond to reward structures. In this presentation I will talk about some of the problematic research practices that have limited knowledge generation in the past, how to recognize them, their consequences for the reliability of research findings, and ongoing efforts towards better research practices that have been developed in the last eight years. I will summarize some easy to implement improvements in designing and analysing experimental studies.

06.04.2020 MF-D134 at 12:00: Bastian Jaeger (Tilburg University)
Title: The face of leadership

20.04.2020 MF-D134 at 12:00: Sebastiano Massaro (Surrey Business School)
Title: t.b.c.

04.05.2020 at 12:00: Astrid Homan (University of Amsterdam)
Title: Functional leadership of team diversity
The importance of leaders as diversity managers is widely acknowledged. However, a dynamic and comprehensive theory on the interplay between team diversity and team leadership is missing. In my presentation, I will discuss our recently published conceptual model – Leading Diversity (LeaD; Homan et al., in press) – in which we integrate crucial insights from diversity research and approaches to functional leadership to build an integrative account of the crucial but complicated role of leaders in managing diversity in teams. In our paper, we propose that functional diversity leadership requires (a) knowledge of the favorable and unfavorable processes that can be instigated by diversity, (b) mastery of task- and person-focused leadership behaviors necessary to address associated team needs, and (c) competencies to predict and/or diagnose team needs and to apply corresponding leadership behaviors to address those needs. LeaD offers new insights into specific competencies and actions that allow leaders to shape the influence of team diversity on team outcomes and, thereby, harvest the potential value in diversity.

02.06.2020 MF-A507 at 12:00: Jacek Buczny (VU Amsterdam)
Topic: Self-regulation and workaholism


03.02.2020 MF-D134 at 12:00: Bertold Meyer (University of Chemnitz)
Title: Psychological well-being of leaders and their subordinates: Insights for promoting employee health from two large field studies

06.01.2020 MF-D134 at 12:00: Killian Wawoe (VU Amsterdam)
Title: New directions in performance management

16.12.2019 MF-D134 at 12:00: Reinout de Vries (VU Amsterdam)
Title: The personality of popular and likeable adolesents

02.12.2019 MF-D134 at 12:00: Jacqueline Brassey (VU, McKinsey)
Title: Advancing authentic confidence

18.11.2019 MF-D134 at 13:00: Ard Barends (VU Amsterdam)
Title: Leadership App