Assistant Professor

Alexandra (Sasha) Cook

Assistant Professor

Phone: +31 (0)20 59 89169
Room: MF-B566


After obtaining my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in psychology at Chemnitz University of Technology, I started my PhD in the field of organizational psychology under the supervision of Dr. Bertolt Meyer in Chemnitz. In 2019, I successfully defended my dissertation on informal leadership in teams. In my dissertation, I analyzed the origins and developments of leadership perceptions with a specific focus on interpersonal behavior. In general, I aim at integrating theoretical and methodological approaches from psychology, biology, computer science, and political science in my research projects. During my PhD, I worked as a researcher and teacher at the Professorship of Organizational Psychology and the Professorship of Social Psychology at TU Chemnitz.

My research and methodological expertise comprises observational research methods, including behavioral coding (e.g. via Elan & Mangold Interact) and social sensing (with sociometric badges), as well as data analysis with R, in particular mixed models analysis (lmer, lme4), social network analysis (sna), and SEM (lavaan). I have extensive experience in teaching at the Bachelor and Master level in the fields of organizational and social psychology, more specifically the topics teamwork & leadership, behavioral economics, observational research methods, and negotiation.

Research Interests

  • Informal leadership in teams
  • Behavior-based assessment of social variables
  • Social sensing
  • Working with autoimmune illness
  • Interpersonal behavior in multiparty negotiations


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Recent publications

AS Cook & A Zill (2021) Working with Type 1 Diabetes: Investigating the Associations between Diabetes-related Distress, Burnout, and Job Satisfaction. PsyArXiv
A Cook, A Zill & B Meyer (2020) Perceiving Leadership Structures in Teams: Effects of Cognitive Schemas and Perceived Communication. Small Group Research, 1046496420950480
AS Cook, A Zill & B Meyer (2020) Observing leadership as behavior in teams and herds–An ethological approach to shared leadership research. The Leadership Quarterly 31 (2), 101296
A Zill, M Knoll, A Cook & B Meyer (2020) When do followers compensate for leader silence? The motivating role of leader injustice. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies 27 (1), 65-79
A Cook, B Meyer, C Gockel & A Zill (2019) Adapting leadership perceptions across tasks: micro-origins of informal leadership transitions. Small Group Research 50 (2), 227-265
A Cook (2018) An Ethological Approach towards the Analysis of Dyadic Behavior in Informal Leadership Research. Academy of Management Proceedings 2018 (1), 12003
AS Cook & B Meyer (2017) Assessing leadership behavior with observational and sensor-based methods: A brief overview. Handbook of methods in leadership research
A Cook & J Krauth (2016) Informal Leadership Behavior in the Presence of Formal Leadership Hierarchies-The Impact of Leadership Motives and Activity on Leadership Perceptions in Teams: OR1252. International Journal of Psychology 51

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