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Ali Mashuri

PhD student

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My current PhD project zooms in on how members of the majority and those of the separatist society feel and think about separatism conflict. The project will be conducted in Indonesia, a country where some ethnic groups are passionately demanding for independence from the central government, to establish a separate nation. More specifically, my focal focus is on examining the role of different types of identity threat in affecting the extent to which the majority and the separatist society more positively orient to reconciliatory attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. Likewise, I will investigate some factors that theoretically contribute to elevating the identity threat perception. At the end of the project, I aim to identify some practical strategies and test their effectiveness in promoting reconciliation, which are potentially feasible and acceptable for both parties in separatism conflict: the majority and the separatist society. Beyond separatism conflict as the main topic of PhD’s project, I am also interested in doing research with other topics including intergroup helping and belief in conspiracy theories. My eagerness on studying these additional topics has led up to several publications.  

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