Bibiana Armenta


E-mail: b.m.armentagutierrez@vu.nl
Phone: +31 (0) 20 598 4334
Room: MF-B554


Bibiana M. Armenta completed her PhD studies at the departments of Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Groningen. Her PhD focused on age identity formation and on the implications thereof for the well-being of people who transition from midlife to older age. Previous to her PhD studies she completed two master studies: One Research Master in Social Psychology at the Free University of Amsterdam, where she graduated cum laude, and a second Master in Management, Economics and Consumer studies at Wageningen University.

Besides her PhD and master research projects, she has worked on additional research projects at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam, and at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI) in The Hague. She worked as a teacher during her PhD studies and has experience as manager and consultant.

Currently, Bibiana works as a lecturer at the Free University of Amsterdam. She teaches Group Dynamics, Leadership and Cooperation, and supervises bachelor’s and master’s theses. She coordinates bachelor’s, master’s and research master’s theses and internships within the section of Social Psychology.


My research largely focuses on the study of age identity formation and the identity formation of members of low social status groups. I am interested in questions related to how social factors (like permeability) and interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences shape people’s identification with their group. Ultimately, I am interested on how identity and identity changes affect people’s well-being.

More generally, I am interested on the identity formation of (new) members of social groups, and on what this means for their well-being.


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BM Armenta, S Scheibe, K Stroebe, T Postmes & NW Van Yperen (2018) Dynamic, not stable: Daily variations in subjective age bias and age group identification predict daily well-being in older workers.. Psychology and aging 33 (4), 559
BM Armenta, K Stroebe, S Scheibe, T Postmes & NW Van Yperen (2017) Feeling younger and identifying with older adults: Testing two routes to maintaining well-being in the face of age discrimination. PloS one 12 (11), e0187805
BM Armenta, K Stroebe, S Scheibe, NW Van Yperen, A Stegeman & ... (2017) Permeability of group boundaries: Development of the concept and a scale. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 43 (3), 418-433
JHM Wijnands, BMA Gutierrez, JJ Poelarends & OMC van der Valk (2010) Business opportunities in the Mexican dairy industry. LEI Wageningen UR

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