PhD Student

Catherine Molho

PhD Student

Room: MF-B-557

PhD project

As of September 2015, I am working on my PhD, supervised by Dr. Daniel Balliet and Dr. Joshua Tybur. My research is part of the ERC funded project "Releasing prisoners of the paradigm: Understanding how cooperation varies across contexts in the lab and field”. Some of the questions it focuses on concern (a) how people experience interdependence (e.g., conflict and power) in their daily lives, (b) how different interdependence dimensions, such as power and information uncertainty, influence decisions to cooperate with or punish others, and (c) how people respond—emotionally and behaviorally—to violations of cooperative norms.


I started my PhD after obtaining a bachelor’s in Psychology (Panteion University) and a research master’s in Social Psychology (cum laude; VU Amsterdam). During my studies, I became fascinated with social dilemma research and intrigued by evolutionary psychological perspectives. In my master’s thesis, I focused on the relation between power and cooperation in social dilemmas, looking at how power influences the use of strategies, such as punishment and gossip, to promote cooperation.


Amsterdam Cooperation Lab
Curriculum Vitae

Recent publications

AK Karinen, C Molho, TR Kupfer & JM Tybur (2019) Disgust sensitivity and opposition to immigration: Does contact avoidance or resistance to foreign norms explain the relationship?. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 84, 103817
C Molho, D Balliet & J Wu (2019) Hierarchy, power, and strategies to promote cooperation in social dilemmas. Games 10 (1), 12
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JM Tybur, C Molho, TDD Cruz, B Cakmak, GD Singh & M Zwicker (2019) Tybur Et Al. Disgust Anger Aggression. PsyArXiv
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C Molho, SGB Roberts, RE de Vries & TV Pollet (2016) The six dimensions of personality (HEXACO) and their associations with network layer size and emotional closeness to network members. Personality and individual differences 99, 144-148
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JM Tybur, Y Inbar, E Güler & C Molho (2015) Is the relationship between pathogen avoidance and ideological conservatism explained by sexual strategies?. Evolution and Human Behavior 36 (6), 489-497

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