PhD Student

Changrun Huang

PhD Student



I am working on a project 'how attention is guided by the interplay of history-driven, goal-driven and salience-driven processes in visual search’ under the supervision of Prof. Jan Theeuwes and Dr. Mieke Donk.


I obtained my B.Eng (Measurement & Control Technology and Instruments) at Guangdong University of Technology and MSc (Basic Psychology) at South China Normal University. During my research master, I completed a research project in a social neuroscience lab under the supervision of Dr. Rongjun Yu. I studied how the presence of observers influenced the neural representation (ERP and neural oscillations).

Research interest

Now, I study the role of proactive suppression induced by the spatial statistical regularities regarding the distractor in visual search using eye-tracking.

Recent publications

Huang, C., & Yu, R. (2018). Making mistakes in public: Being observed magnifies physiological responses to errors. Neuropsychologia, 119, 214-222.