Elle van Heusden


Room: E1-01


I am working on the VICI project 'PERISCOPE: integrating peripheral vision into visual search' under the supervision of Prof. Chris Olivers and Dr. Erik van der Burg.


I obtained both my BSc (Psychology) and MSc (Neuroscience & Cognition) at Utrecht University. During my research master, I completed two research projects. First, I worked together with dr. Hinze Hogendoorn, with whom I studied attentional oscillations within and between hemifields. After that, I studied individual differences in mid-level vision under the supervision of Dr. Pieter Moors and Prof. Johan Wagemans in Leuven. After I graduated, I worked as an RA at the University of Melbourne in the 'Time in Brain and Behaviour Labratory' of dr. Hinze Hogendoorn.

Research interest

I have a broad interest in visual perception. The research I have done in the past has mainly focused on the timing of perception (e.g. 'When is a certain type of information represented in the brain?'). Now, I study the role of peripheral vision in visual search using genetic algorithms and eye-tracking.

Recent publications

KM Coffey, N Adamian, T Blom, E van Heusden, P Cavanagh & ... (2019) Expecting the unexpected: Temporal expectation increases the flash-grab effect. Journal of vision 19 (13), 9-9
E van Heusden, AM Harris, MI Garrido & H Hogendoorn (2019) Predictive coding of visual motion in both monocular and binocular human visual processing. Journal of vision 19 (1), 3-3
E van Heusden, M Donk & C Olivers (2019) Salience-driven and goal-driven effects on visual selection as a function of eccentricity.
E van Heusden, AM Harris, MI Garrido & H Hogendoorn (2019) Predictive coding of visual motion in both.
E van Heusden, M Rolfs, P Cavanagh & H Hogendoorn (2018) Motion extrapolation for eye movements predicts perceived motion-induced position shifts. Journal of Neuroscience 38 (38), 8243-8250
S Mathôt, J Fabius, E Van Heusden & S Van der Stigchel (2018) Safe and sensible preprocessing and baseline correction of pupil-size data. Behavior research methods 50 (1), 94-106
S Mathôt, E Van Heusden & S Van der Stigchel (2015) Attending and inhibiting stimuli that match the contents of visual working memory: Evidence from eye movements and pupillometry. PeerJ PrePrints

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