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Francesca Righetti

Associate Professor

Phone: +31 (0) 20 59 88727
Room: MF-B558

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Francesca Righetti is an Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology at the VU Amsterdam. Francesca’s research focuses on close relationships. More specifically she studies sacrifice, ambivalence, and how dual processes shape relationship dynamics (e.g., implicit partner evaluations, self-control, automatic processes). Besides obtaining several grants (e.g., the VENI , ORA, and VIDI grants from NWO), she has also won several awards such as the best dissertation award from the International Association of Relationships Research (IARR), the Early Career Award from the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP) and the Raising Star Award from the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

Research interests

Close Relationships; Sacrifice, Automatic vs. Deliberative processes in close relationships; Interpersonal Goal Support; Self-regulation.



Recent publications

F Righetti, I Schneider, D Ferrier, T Spiridonova, R Xiang & EA Impett (2020) The bittersweet taste of sacrifice: Consequences for ambivalence and mixed reactions.. Journal of experimental psychology. General
F Righetti, J Tybur, P Van Lange, L Echelmeyer, S van Esveld, J Kroese & ... (2020) How reproductive hormonal changes affect relationship dynamics for women and men: A 15-day diary study. Biological Psychology 149, 107784
I van Sintemaartensdijk & F Righetti (2019) Who does most of the work? High self‐control individuals compensate for low self‐control partners. Journal of Theoretical Social Psychology 3 (4), 209-215
G Zoppolat, ML Visserman & F Righetti (2019) A nice surprise: Sacrifice expectations and partner appreciation in romantic relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 0265407519867145
ML Visserman, EA Impett, F Righetti, A Muise, D Keltner & PAM Van Lange (2019) To “see” is to feel grateful? A quasi-signal detection analysis of romantic partners’ sacrifices. Social Psychological and Personality Science 10 (3), 317-3258
N Köbis, S van der Lingen, TDD Cruz, D Iragorri-Carter, JW van Prooijen & ... (2019) The Look Over Your Shoulder: Unethical Behaviour Decreases in the Physical Presence of Observers. PsyArXiv
W Hofmann, HP Kotabe & F Righetti (2019) How Anticipated Emotions Guide Self-Control Judgments. Frontiers in psychology 10, 16141
R Faure, F Righetti, M Seibel & W Hofmann (2018) Speech is silver, nonverbal behavior is gold: How implicit partner evaluations affect dyadic interactions in close relationships. Psychological science 29 (11), 1731-17415
ML Visserman, F Righetti, EA Impett, D Keltner & PAM Van Lange (2018) It’s the motive that counts: Perceived sacrifice motives and gratitude in romantic relationships.. Emotion 18 (5), 62523
F Righetti & M Visserman (2018) I gave too much: Low self-esteem and the regret of sacrifices. Social Psychological and Personality Science 9 (4), 453-4606
F Righetti & E Impett (2017) Sacrifice in close relationships: Motives, emotions, and relationship outcomes. Social and Personality Psychology Compass 11 (10), e1234219
CA Achen, JS Adams, L Berkowitz, TW Adorno, E Frenkel-Brunswik & ... (2017) Personality in context: An interpersonal systems perspective. Identity and Interethnic Marriage in the United States 71 (36), ix-xiv
NC Köbis, JW van Prooijen, F Righetti & PAM Van Lange (2017) The road to bribery and corruption: Slippery slope or steep cliff?. Psychological science 28 (3), 297-30622
ML Visserman, F Righetti, M Kumashiro & PAM Van Lange (2017) Me or us? Self-control promotes a healthy balance between personal and relationship concerns. Social Psychological and Personality Science 8 (1), 55-6516
F Righetti, J Gere, W Hofmann, ML Visserman & PAM Van Lange (2016) The burden of empathy: Partners’ responses to divergence of interests in daily life.. Emotion 16 (5), 68417
NC Köbis, JW van Prooijen, F Righetti & PAM Van Lange (2016) Prospection in individual and interpersonal corruption dilemmas. Review of General Psychology 20 (1), 71-8535
C Finkenauer & F Righetti (2016) Trust and the perception of self-control: Knowing when to trust others. Handbook of self-regulation: Research, theory, and applications, 247-2631
F Righetti, D Balliet, M Visserman & W Hofmann (2015) Trust and the suppression of emotions during sacrifice in close relationships. Social Cognition 33 (5), 505-51919
DP Balliet & F Righetti (2015) On developing the study of social situations. European Journal of Personality 29 (3), 383-385
F Righetti, LB Luchies, S van Gils, EB Slotter, B Witcher & M Kumashiro (2015) The prosocial versus proself power holder: How power influences sacrifice in romantic relationships. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 41 (6), 779-79043

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