Giuliana Spadaro


Room: MF-C580


Before starting my PhD, I obtained a bachelor’s in Psychology (cum laude; University of Palermo) and a master’s in Mind Sciences (cum laude and highest honors; University of Turin). During these studies, I developed an interest in conducting experimental research on prosocial and cooperative behavior. My PhD project captured this interest, and focused on understanding the relation between institutions, trust, and cooperation among strangers. During my PhD I had the occasion to visit the Department of Work, Organisational, and Economic Psychology at University of Vienna, and the Department of Experimental and applied Psychology (VU Amsterdam) to further develop my research project. I will defend my PhD thesis at the University of Turin in 2018.

Research Interests

  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Economic Games
  • Meta-analysis

Postdoc project

As of November 2017 I started my research under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Balliet as part of the ERC funded project "Releasing prisoners of the paradigm: Understanding how cooperation varies across contexts in the lab and field”. I am involved in the creation of a multi-disciplinary open access database that aims to capture the entire history of research on human cooperation, and I aim to apply meta-analytic methods on this rich data to contribute to the understanding of cooperation across the globe.


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Recent publications

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