PhD Student

Gonzalo Palomo Vélez

PhD Student

Phone: +31 645941179
Room: MF-B555

Research interests

  • Environmental Psychology
  • Intergroup relations
  • Prejudice
  • Evolutionary Psychology

My PhD project

In my PhD project, under supervision of Dr. Mark van Vugt, we focus on how modern environmental problems are often caused or exacerbated by evolved human adaptive tendencies. In particular, human’s propensity for self-interest, (2) motivation for relative rather than absolute status, (3) proclivity to unconsciously copy others, (4) predisposition to be shortsighted, and (5) proneness to disregard impalpable concerns, are tendencies that used to be extremely useful in the environment where our ancestors evolved. However, that stone-age environment has changed dramatically the last centuries and now our evolved adaptive tendencies are no longer matched with the environment where we live, creating problems in terms of its sustainability.


I was born in Talca, Chile. I studied psychology at the University of Talca where I also got my master’s degree in social psychology and research methods. Now in January 2016 I’m starting my PhD here at VU.


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