Professor emeritus

Henk Kelderman

Professor emeritus

Phone: +31 20 59 88715
Room: 1b-24

Professional interests

Psychometrics: Test Theory, Item Response Theory, Mixture Measurement models, SEM, Graphical models, Causal models, formal methodology

Highlighted publications

Kelderman, H. (2007). Loglinear multivariate and mixture rasch models. In M. von Davier & C. H. Carstensen (Eds.), Multivariate and Mixture Distribution Rasch Models. (pp. 77-99). Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences. New York: Springer.

Kelderman, H. & Molenaar, P. C. M. (2007). The effect of individual differences in factor loadings on the standard factor model. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 42(3), 435-456.

Kelderman, H. (2004). Building IRT Models From Scratch: Graphical Models, Exchangeability, Marginal Freedom, Scale Types, and Latent Traits. In L. A. van der Ark, M. A. Croon, & K. Sijtsma (Eds.), New Developments in Categorical Data Analysis for the Social & Behavioral Science. (pp. 210-230). Quantitative Methodology Series. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Kelderman, H. (2004). Measurement exchangeability and normal one-factor models. Biometrika, 91, 738-742.

Kelderman, H. & Rijkes, C.P.M. (1994). Loglinear multidimensional IRT models for polytomously scored items. Psychometrika, 59, 149-179.

Westers, P. & Kelderman, H. (1992). Differential item functioning in multiple choice items. Psychometrika, 57, 107-118.

Kelderman, H. & Macready J.B. (1990). The use of loglinear models for differential item functioning across manifest and latent examinee groups. Journal of Educational Measurement, 27(4), 307-327.

Kelderman, H. (1984). Loglinear Rasch model tests. Psychometrika, 49, 223-245.



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