Jan te Nijenhuis


E-mail: nijen631@planet.nl
Room: MF-B560

I am currently involved in a number of projects. A selection includes

  • Bias in IQ testing of immigrants/minorities
  • Meta-analysis
  • Publication bias
  • Intelligence decline (reverse Flynn effect)
  • Intelligence decline due to Alzheimer’s disease (Chosun University, South Korea)
I collaborate with researchers from US, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, China, and the Netherlands.



I studied at Groningen University and worked at my PhD at the Free University in Amsterdam and at the Dutch Railways. I worked at various universities, including recently Chosun University in Gwangju, Korea. I worked as a consultant on mainly personnel selection issues for companies and for the Armed Forces, resulting in 26 reports. I also work as a science writer, resulting in 47 professional publications. I received a scientific prize for my master thesis and for my PhD thesis. Three of my undergraduate students won the Van Lennep Award for the best master thesis in applied psychology and one won the prize for the best master thesis  in psychology at the University of Amsterdam. My research on declining genetic intelligence with Michael Woodley and Raegan Murphy in 2013 received an enormous amount of attention in the popular press all over the world and led to TV interviews in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the US, and on Al Jazeera. I review for two dozen journals and am a member of the editorial board of the multidisciplinary journal Intelligence (2006-present).


Research interests

  • personnel selection/assessment/Human Resource Management
  • individual differences in intelligence and personality
  • test training
  • discrimination
  • bias in IQ testing and assessment of immigrants
  • group differences in intelligence and personality
  • evolutionary psychology
  • publication bias
  • meta-analysis
  • intelligence increase (Flynn effect) and intelligence decrease (reverse Flynn effect)


  • Advanced Organizational Research Skills (master course)
  • Supervising bachelor and master theses

Recent publications

E Dutton, J te Nijenhuis, D Metzen, D van der Linden & G Madison (2019) The Myth of the Stupid Believer: The Negative Religiousness–IQ Nexus is Not on General Intelligence (g) and is Likely a Product of the Relations Between IQ and …. Journal of religion and health, 1-13
NSG Abdelrasheed, E Dutton, KMA Almashikhi, J te Nijenhuis & ... (2019) Regional differences in intelligence in the Sultanate of Oman. Personality and Individual Differences 148, 7-10
J te Nijenhuis, M van den Hoek & J Dragt (2019) A Meta-Analysis of Spearman’s Hypothesis Tested on Latin-American Hispanics, Including a New Way to Correct for Imperfectly Measuring the Construct of g. Psych 1 (1), 101-122
J te Nijenhuis, E van der Boor, YY Choi & K Lee (2019) Do schooling gains yield anomalous Jensen effects? A reply to Flynn (2019) including a meta-analysis. Journal of biosocial science, 1-3
J te Nijenhuis, YY Choi, M van den Hoek, E Valueva & KH Lee (2019) Spearman’s hypothesis tested comparing Korean young adults with various other groups of young adults on the items of the Advanced Progressive Matrices. Journal of biosocial science, 1-38
K Kura, J te Nijenhuis & E Dutton (2019) Spearman’s Hypothesis Tested Comparing 47 Regions of Japan Using a Sample of 18 Million Children. Psych 1 (1), 26-34
MAW of Menie, J te Nijenhuis, V Shibaev, M Li & J Smit (2019) Are the effects of lead exposure linked to the g factor? A meta-analysis. Personality and Individual Differences 137, 184-191
J Nijenhuis, KY Choi, YY Choi, JJ Lee, EH Seo, H Kim & KH Lee (2018) Differences between APOE carriers and non-APOE carriers on neurocognitive tests: Jensen effects?. American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias® 33 (6), 353-361
E Dutton, AJ Figueredo, N Carl, F Debes, S Hertler, P Irwing, K Kura & ... (2018) Communicating intelligence research: Media misrepresentation, the Gould Effect and unexpected forces. Intelligence 70, 80-87
J te Nijenhuis, M van den Hoek, D Metzen & H David (2017) Spearman's hypothesis not supported? Three meta-analyses of Black and White prisoners, Northeast Asians, and Arabs and Jews. Personality and Individual Differences 117, 52-59
J Te NijenhuiS, AA Batterjee, M Van Den Hoek, J Allik & V Sukhanovskiy (2017) Spearman’s hypothesis tested comparing Saudi Arabian children and adolescents with various other groups of children and adolescents on the items of the Standard Progressive …. Journal of biosocial science 49 (5), 634-647
A Evers, J Nijenhuis & H van der Flier (2017) Ethnic bias and fairness in personnel selection: Evidence and consequences. The Blackwell handbook of personnel selection, 306-328
J te Nijenhuis, M van den Hoek & D Willigers (2017) Testing Spearman's Hypothesis with Alternative Intelligence Tests: A Meta-Analysis. Mankind Quarterly 57 (4), 687
YM Hur, J Nijenhuis & HU Jeong (2017) Testing Lynn’s theory of sex differences in intelligence in a large sample of Nigerian school-aged children and adolescents (n> 11,000) using Raven’s Standard Progressive …. Mankind Quarterly 57 (3), 57-3
AA Al-Shahomee, J te Nijenhuis, M van den Hoek, G Spanoudis & M Žebec (2017) Spearman’s hypothesis tested comparing young Libyan with European children on the items of the Standard Progressive Matrices. Mankind Quarterly 57 (3), 456
HBF Fernandes, J te Nijenhuis, M Peñaherrera-Aguirre & AJ Figueredo (2017) General intelligence is a source of individual differences between species: Solving an anomaly. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40
J te Nijenhuis, AA Al-Shahomee, M van den Hoek, J Allik, A Grigoriev & ... (2017) Corrigendum to “Spearman's hypothesis tested comparing Libyan secondary school children with various other groups of secondary school children on the items of the Standard …. Intelligence 100 (62), 180-181
I Voronin, J Te Nijenhuis & SB Malykh (2016) THE CORRELATION BETWEEN g LOADINGS AND HERITABILITY IN RUSSIA. Journal of biosocial science 48 (6), 833-843
MAW of Menie, J te Nijenhuis, HBF Fernandes & D Metzen (2016) Small to medium magnitude Jensen effects on brain volume: A meta-analytic test of the processing volume theory of general intelligence. Learning and Individual Differences 51, 215-219

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