PhD Student

Jasper de Waard

PhD Student



My PhD is part of the ERC advanced grant “What to expect when you are not expecting it: How implicit regularities drive attentional selection” supervised by prof. dr. Jan Theeuwes.


I studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at Amsterdam University College, majoring in Cognition. My Bachelor thesis, under the supervision of prof. Chris Olivers and Erik van der Burg, investigated a novel visual illusion regarding thickness perception ( Next, I did the Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology at the Vrije Universiteit, where I worked as a research fellow for Jan Theeuwes in my final year. My thesis, also under supervision of Jan Theeuwes, investigated whether the statistical learning of distractor suppression is context-dependent.

Research interest

I'm currently investigating the properties of statistical learning in a broad sense. How big is the impact of statistical learning on our daily lives? Can we learn regularities in a way that separates them from other regularities? And what is the role of consciousness in statistical learning? In my spare time, I run a small type design business (, where I try to express my interest in visual perception in a more artistic way. When I can, I also try to educate designers about the science of visual perception (