PhD Student

Jessica Heeman

PhD Student

Phone: +31 (0) 20 598 8923
Room: 1B-84

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Oculomotor control and Express Saccades

Research interest

My research interest involves cognitive processing and eye movements. I have a professional background in artificial intelligence, theater and sailing. My hobby/ specialization is building experimental setups (e.g. simultaneous audiovisual stimulus presentation, eye tracking in an MRI scanner, eye tracking mount for infants)

Recent publications

J Heeman, S Van der Stigchel, DP Munoz & J Theeuwes (2019) Discriminating between anticipatory and visually triggered saccades: measuring minimal visual saccadic response time using luminance. Journal of neurophysiology 121 (6), 2101-21113
J Heeman, S Van der Stigchel & J Theeuwes (2017) The influence of distractors on express saccades. Journal of vision 17 (1), 35-3514
J Heeman, S Van der Stigchel & J Theeuwes (2016) Bimodal latency distribution and distractor effects in Express Saccades in humans.. Journal of Vision 16 (12), 854-854
J Heeman, TCW Nijboer, N Van der Stoep, J Theeuwes & ... (2016) Oculomotor interference of bimodal distractors. Vision research 123, 46-556
J Heeman, S van der Stigchel & J Theeuwes (2015) When does the oculomotor competition start.
J Heeman, TCW Nijboer, N van der Stoep & S van der Stigchel (2015) Audiovisual integration of an irrelevant distractor.
J Heeman (2014) The role of the cerebellum in oculomotor selection.
J Heeman, J Theeuwes & S Van der Stigchel (2014) The time course of top-down control on saccade averaging. Vision research 100, 29-3726
S Van der Stigchel, J Heeman & TCW Nijboer (2012) Averaging is not everything: The saccade global effect weakens with increasing stimulus size. Vision Research 62, 108-11526
J Heeman (2011) Global Effect for Numbers, The Influence of Physical Magnitude and Numerical Magnitude on Saccadic Landing Position.

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