Laura Wesseldijk


Room: MF-B555


After a Bachelor's degree in Biological Psychology at Maastricht University, I completed the Research Master Neuropsychology in Maastricht University, including a scientific research internship in Eldoret, Kenya on traumatic brain injury. I did my PhD at the department of Biological Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on the genetic and environmental influences on the development of childhood psychopathology and how psychopathology clusters within families with a child with psychopathology. Since obtaining my PhD, I work four days per week as a post-doc for the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm investigating the genetic and environmental interplay underlying musicality and mental health problems. One day per week I work at the Social Psychology department of the Vrije Universiteit on the genetics of disgust sensitivity.

Post-doc project

As of October 2018 I started with the post-doc project “The genetics of disgust sensitivity” under the supervision of Dr. Josh Tybur.

Research Interests

  • Childhood psychopathology
  • Parental psychopathology
  • Behavioral genetics
  • Musicality
  • Cultural engagement
Research interests


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Recent publications

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