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I’m working on a Marie Skłodowska Curie Action Individual Fellowship from the European Commission for Research « Decoding the neural mechanism of human spatial cognition using behavioural and hemodynamic signals » with Prof. Jan Theeuwes and Dr Tomas Knapen.


I first obtained a Master of Cognitive Science in the Université Paris Descartes (France). After my Master I conducted a Ph.D under the supervision of Prof. Patrick Cavanagh in Paris. I next move to the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (Germany) working first as a postdoc of Prof. Heiner Deubel with an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship (3 years) and then a principal investigator with a 2-years project-based grant from the Deutsche Forshungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Research interest

I am interested in understanding cognitive mechanisms underlying spatial perception. My research focuses so far on eye movements and their implications in space constancy (the perception of the stable world across saccades), multi-sensory integration (vision and audition) and working memory. I enjoy studying these topics using behavioral (psychophysics) and physiological (eye, head tracking and fMRI) methods with several self-made setups and stimuli.

Recent publications

NM Hanning, H Deubel & M Szinte (2019) Sensitivity measures of visuospatial attention. Journal of Vision 19 (12), 17-174
M Szinte, M Puntiroli & H Deubel (2019) The spread of presaccadic attention depends on the spatial configuration of the visual scene. Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-11
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L Wollenberg, H Deubel & M Szinte (2019) Investigating the Deployment of Visual Attention Before Accurate and Averaging Saccades via Eye Tracking and Assessment of Visual Sensitivity. JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e59162
M Szinte & T Knapen (2019) Visual Organization of the Default Network. Cerebral Cortex
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M Szinte, D Jonikaitis, D Rangelov & H Deubel (2018) Pre-saccadic remapping relies on dynamics of spatial attention. eLife 7, e375989
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M Szinte & P Cavanagh (2012) Apparent motion from outside the visual field, retinotopic cortices may register extra-retinal positions. PloS one 7 (10)7
M Szinte & P Cavanagh (2011) Spatiotopic apparent motion reveals local variations in space constancy. Journal of Vision 11 (2), 4-431

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