PhD student

Paola Perone

PhD student

Room: MF-B-557


Originally from Turin, Italy, I studied and worked in the Netherlands for several years. Before starting my PhD, I obtained a Bachelor degree in Psychology at the University of Turin (2012, Cum Laude) and a Research Master degree in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the VU Amsterdam (2015; Cum Laude). For my Master’s thesis, I investigated impulsivity as an endophenotype for addiction by means of EEG, behavioral, and self-report measures. During my Master’s program I also worked as laboratory research assistant for the Cognitive Psychology section.


As of September 2016, I work under the supervision of Dr. Joshua Tybur on the ERC funded project “the Human Behavioral Immune System: Consequences for Health and Innovation”. Combining different theoretical approaches (i.e., cognitive, social and evolutionary [neuro]psychology) and cross-disciplinary experimental methods, I focus on contextual and individual differences effects on the behavioral, attentional and physiological processes underlying the emotion of disgust.

Recent publications

P Perone, Ç Çınar, P D'ursi, LR Durmuşoğlu, V Lal & J Tybur (2021) Examining the effect of hunger on responses to pathogen cues and novel foods. Evolution and Human Behavior 42 (4), 371-378
P Perone, DV Becker & JM Tybur (2020) Visual disgust elicitors produce an attentional blink independent of contextual and trait-level pathogen avoidance.. Emotion
JM Tybur, Ç Çınar, AK Karinen & P Perone (2018) Why do people vary in disgust?. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373 …
P Perone (2018) Disgust-eliciting images produce an attentional blink independent of contextual and trait-level pathogen avoidance. HBES

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