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Ranran Li

PhD Student

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Room: C569

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Before starting my PhD, I obtained a research master’s degree from the University of Amsterdam. I gained experience in experimental and enriched my statistical and methodological skills (big data analytics, network analysis, Bayesian statistics, etc.). I am keen on learning novel research paradigms in addition to experimental studies, machine learning and computational modeling, for instance. I am enthusiastic about looking into social and organizational psychology research topics with those advanced quantitative methods.

PhD project

In September 2020, I started with the PhD project “Personality and Situational Strength in Economic Games and Organizational settings” under the supervision of Prof. dr. Reinout de Vries, Prof. dr. Daniel Balliet and dr. Isabel Thielmann. By examining personality relevance (i.e., which personality traits, if any, are activated) and situation, trait, and outcome activation in economic games and organizational settings, we aspire to contribute to the burgeoning literature on the effects of personality in and on situations. Additionally, investigating how personality is related to actual work behaviors in different situations has important practical implications for organizational and work design.

Research Interests

  • Personality
  • Cooperation (incl. economic games)
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Leadership


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Recent publications

R Li & M Baas (2020) Group Idea Generation and Selection: The Originality vs. Feasibility Battle & Intragroup Competition. Academy of Management Proceedings 2020 (1), 13094

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